Performing Arts College Admission Consulting For BFA & BA Acting Degree Launched

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High school students can get into their preferred acting college with the virtual support of Walid Chaya, director of Studio for Performing Arts LA and Moonlit Wings Productions. Chaya has helped students get accepted to prestigious schools such as UCLA, Carnegie Mellon and Ithaca University.

High School students who wish to study performing arts in college can now prepare for academic admissions and auditions online with an expert acting advisor. Partner companies Studio for Performing Arts LA and Moonlit Wings Productions announce the launch of their updated consulting service for the performing arts with expert Walid Chaya.

These services are now available virtually. More information about these services is available via

This offering caters to a growing yet underserved segment of students who are interested in pursuing a BFA or BA degree in performing arts instead of traditional STEM courses. Consulting is headed by award-winning actor and director Walid Chaya, who has helped students get into prestigious acting schools such as UCLA, Carnegie Mellon and Ithaca University, to name a few.

Industry statistics show that over two million people in the country have a bachelor’s degree in the arts. However, few receive the college counseling they need so they can succeed in their chosen field of study.

In response to this gap, Studio for Performing Arts LA and Moonlit Wings Productions have created a program that focuses solely on aspiring actors and performers. By receiving relevant advice on all aspects of the application process, they can drastically boost their chances of getting accepted at their preferred university.

Students will receive in-person or Skype-based sessions with Chaya, who will impart crucial admission strategies. The first session will last one hour, with the option to get supplemental 30-minute follow-up consultations.

Among the topics to be discussed are targeting the right programs, choosing between a BFA or BA, and preparing for program auditions. Students will also receive tips on creating acting portfolios, formatting their resumes, and writing dynamic personal statements.

Aside from application advice, aspiring actors will also learn how to find a talent agent or manager who can further their careers. Lastly, they will receive guidance on how to self-tape performances when auditioning for acting roles.

Studio for Performing Arts LA and Moonlit Wings Productions aim to foster the next generation of renowned artists. Students are encouraged to sign up for Director Chaya’s newsletter to receive free tools that can help their acting careers.

Chaya says: “Through our consultations, we help future actors get on the right track so they can excel in this highly competitive industry, from academia to Hollywood and Broadway.”

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