Fort Lauderdale Digital Coupon Platform For Small/Local Businesses Coming Soon

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A new site offering an entirely digital system to promoting and locating coupons has been launched. The site allows businesses in Fort Lauderdale, FL to publicize their promotional offers.

Fort Lauderdale Digital Coupons Launching Soon. The site, which is designed to meet the needs of local businesses and customers in the Fort Lauderdale, FL region, offers a platform for local businesses to showcase their current promotions.

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The new site aims to offer necessary support to improve the fortunes of local businesses.

Surveys indicate that small businesses have encountered difficulties as a consequence of the current pandemic. According to one study, approximately 163,000 small or local businesses closed during the course of 2020, and 60% of those businesses have announced permanent closures.

The services offered by Fort Lauderdale Digital Coupons are explicitly designed to support local businesses and, by extension, the local community. Businesses can use their services in order to publicize promotional offers to relevant customers in the Fort Lauderdale area.

For businesses, this service is a more effective means of disseminating promotional deals than traditional magazine coupons, acting as a digital solution that is more appropriate to an increasingly online environment.

Customers who sign up to the site can receive VIP alerts informing them of the latest deals. Upon signing up, customers will receive a referral link which can be shared among their friends.

Those who sign up will be automatically entered into a random draw. If selected, customers will be offered the opportunity to take a complimentary trip, for four days and three nights, to either Orlando, FL or Las Vegas, NV.

Fort Lauderdale Digital Coupons provides a means for both customers and businesses to mutually benefit from coupons in a manner befitting what they refer to as the age of contactless. The company places an emphasis on the convenience associated with a digital coupon delivery system.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Here at Fort Lauderdale Digital Coupons, we are very conscious of the changing habits of businesses and shoppers as we approach an all-digital society. We’re ready to help local businesses achieve their goals, and to encourage shoppers to support the fabric of their local community.”

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