VIX Trends – Momentum Indicator Trading System Expert Education Report Launched

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Expert trading analyst, Hima Reddy, has launched a new report detailing her weekly tips on upcoming VIX trends. Subscribers can access stock picks and predictions to increase their trading revenue.

Hima Reddy, an expert financial analyst, author and educator, has launched a report updating subscribers on current Volatility Index (VIX) trends.

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Hima Reddy specializes in spotting patterns in the VIX and, in her new video analysis, offers viewers advice on likely upcoming rises in the VIX percentage. These represent an opportunity for investors to optimize their trading in spite of current market stability.

Created by the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the VIX is a real-time volatility index. It is forward-looking and shows only the implied volatility of the S&P 500 Index for the next 30 days. The VIX is expressed as a percentage, calculated through the prices of SPX Index options – the higher the percentage the more likely it is that the S&P 500 is falling, and conversely, a declining VIX value suggests SPX stability.

The VIX is also known as the ‘fear index’ owing to its ability to reflect volatility for the entire U.S stock market. If there is concern in the market, options prices tend to rise as investors and traders buy options in response. Through her Trading Tribe, Hima gives members timely, actionable market analysis and stock picks every week.

In her newly launched report, Hima suggests that while the market is currently on the up, with high trader confidence and rising prices, this also represents the optimum time to watch the VIX closely. Subscribers can access updates from Hima on the next turns the market will take – enabling them to leverage revenue from these predicted trends.

Hima also offers subscribers access to her Four Zones RSI Coverage System – a proven method to increase trading revenue using momentum indicators. The system teaches how to analyze short-term trends to predict future market value.

Hima Reddy is a certified CMT and former Piper Jaffray analyst. Hima offers proprietary analysis and education to help people build a solid financial future for themselves through market trading.

Hima says, “Trading equals freedom. There is only so much time in every day but when I started using the system I got my time back and my family back – and that is freedom.”

With her latest VIX report for her Trading Tribe subscribers, Hima Reddy continues to make expert market analysis and increased trading revenue accessible to everyone. For more information visit