Mundelein IL Chiropractor/Manipulation Treatments For Spinal Degeneration Launch

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Grayslake IL chiropractic clinic Risner Rehabilitation has updated its spinal manipulation treatment services to support patients in Mundelein, Libertyville, and Lake Villa alongside Wildwood, Lindenhurst, and Hainesville.

Grayslake, Illinois-based chiropractic and wellness therapy clinic Risner Rehabilitation has updated its spinal manipulation treatment programs. Its new services bring structural and postural care to communities in Mundelein as well as Libertyville, Lake Villa, and other locations throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

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The newly updated treatments allow the chiropractic clinic to continue supporting local patients in Mundelein and nearby areas with specialist pain management and rehabilitation programs for spinal stenosis, spinal degeneration, and other conditions.

Headed by local physician Dr. Paul Risner, the clinic further offers a range of patient-focused services such as acupuncture, digital imaging, and electrical muscle stimulation. Risner Rehabilitation focuses on helping patients to experience greater health and movement. As such, the clinic offers chiropractic spinal adjustment treatments alongside wellness alignment therapies.

Mundelein patients can benefit from the Grayslake care provider’s pain relief-focused services. Dr. Paul Risner utilizes advanced chiropractic techniques appropriate for all patients, from children to seniors. The clinic’s non-invasive, medication-free treatments aim to help patients by alleviating existing aches and discomfort, leading to improvements in their daily quality of life.

The latest announcement comes as Dr. Paul Risner ensures that patients in and around Mundelein have access to expert chiropractic care. The practitioner specializes in providing non-surgical solutions for a wide variety of conditions ranging from osteoporosis and sciatica to general shoulder pain, headaches, hip pain, and additional afflictions.

One satisfied patient commented: “I came into work this morning and my right lower hip was bothering me after being on an incline treadmill for 30 minutes. I told Dr. Risner about it and he said that my right sacrum-iliac joint had lost its normal range of motion. This was causing pain in my right lower hip and back areas. After he restored the motion, the pain subsided.”

Interested parties in need of spinal manipulation treatment plans near Mundelein and the surrounding areas are invited to visit to find out more about the comprehensive services available at Risner Rehabilitation.