Halifax NS Mobile Massage Clinic Best At Home Wellness Therapy Services Launched

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Kind Kneads, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has launched a mobile massage clinic. The company aims to provide a safe alternative to massage clinics during the pandemic.

Kind Kneads, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has launched a mobile massage clinic. The company aims to provide consumers with the mental and physical benefits of massage in an at-home setting or at a corporate event.

More information can be found at http://kindkneads.com

The company offers a means to safely maintain health and relieve stress during the current global pandemic.

Massages help to loosen tense muscles, increase blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. Pressure placed on an injured area reduces cortisol levels and boosts serotonin, which can help reduce blood pressure and muscular tension.

These changes in cortisol and serotonin levels may also have mental health benefits, such as reducing anxiety. Massages have also been shown to facilitate the increase of white blood cells in the body. These cells help to protect the body against illness and infection. Kind Kneads aims to pair the mental and physical benefits of massage with the safety and convenience of home.

Registered and insured therapists are now available for at-home appointments. A massage table, sheets, oil, and a payment processor are provided. The company offers direct billing for most insurances.

Kind Kneads also offers on-site chair massages for events. This service is typically utilized for events similar to the following: wellness weeks, corporate wellness programs, work anniversaries, grand openings, reunions, spa days, birthdays, conferences, tournaments, and appreciation days.

At events, no lotions or oils are utilized so that participants are ready to return to work or other scheduled activities immediately upon completion of massage. This type of massage typically lasts 10-15 minutes for each individual. Providing a private spot for participants is unnecessary as they will remain fully clothed.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Save yourself the hassle of working around your busy schedule, finding a babysitter, driving through traffic and looking for parking for your appointment. Instead, treat yourself to the convenience of staying in the comfort of your own home while our RMT(s) bring the physical and mental health benefits of therapeutic table massage directly into your home for you to enjoy.”

Interested parties can find additional details at http://kindkneads.com