Success Mindset Hacks for Financial Freedom – Laptop Lifestyle Courses Launched

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Switzerland-based life coach, Michael Hehn, announces his updated classes on experiencing the laptop lifestyle. All free classes teach students how to achieve financial freedom.

Michael Hehn, a highly-sought out life coach in Switzerland, announces his updated list of classes and webinars on achieving a “laptop lifestyle”, wherein anyone can achieve financial freedom and independence as long as they have access to a laptop and a stable internet connection.

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The classes were recently updated to support more people around the world in achieving their dreams. According to Hehn, anyone can become financially independent, regardless of background, current financial status, or circumstance. The most important lesson to learn from the website is developing resiliency, consequently viewing impossible difficulties as conquerable challenges.

As more people are encouraged to work from home, the need for global workers and remote teams has risen as well. Geographical limitations to finding a job have been reduced, with experts estimating that the number of international remote teams will increase over the next few years.

Hehn addresses this trend by offering online webinars and classes to anyone who wants to live a laptop lifestyle. The educational resource is a one-stop-shop, offering various tools that guide people into working anywhere around the world, at their own pace, while still earning enough for a comfortable life.

The updated classes cover a variety of subjects, from basic financial courses to changing one’s mindset. In particular, Hehn says that people must change how they view their life and everything around them to experience a successful laptop lifestyle.

One of the more popular classes to date is the “Success Upgrade” class, which talks about how successful people think. Tiny shifts in perception, especially when faced under pressure, determine who will be successful in the future from those who will live average lives. Hehn recommends those new to his site to first try this course.

All courses and webinars are offered for free.

When asked about his website, Hehn says, “Join us and 50,000 monthly readers to shift from slave to business owner, scale your business like a startup, and make enough money to quit your job in 90 days from today.”

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