Iselin NJ Orthopedic Rehabilitation Class 4 Laser Therapy Treatments Launched

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FYZICAL, a physical therapy clinic, launched painless laser therapy services for patients in Iselin NJ who suffer from neuropathy, arthritis, back and neck pain, and similar conditions.

FYZICAL, a physical therapy clinic in Colonia, NJ, launched updated Class IV Laser Therapy pain and inflammation treatment services for patients in Iselin.

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With the newly launched service, the clinic aims to provide a painless treatment for a quicker recovery for patients who suffer from neuropathy, back and neck pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, knee pain, tendonitis, and similar conditions.

Research shows that more than half of all Americans are suffering from pain. Physical therapy aims to treat not only the pain itself, but also its source. It helps patients recover after an injury, manage various orthopedic problems, and even start moving and walking again after a stroke. In some cases, it can even prevent surgery or disability.

Class IV Laser Therapy offered by FYZICAL is a safe painless treatment that uses state-of-the-art technology to increase cellular energy and speed up the patient’s recovery.

Infrared laser light increases metabolic repair at the cellular level by improving blood circulation and creating an optimal healing environment for the damaged tissue. The treatment reduces inflammation and swelling, decreases muscle stiffness and spasms, and relieves pain. In some cases, pain relief can be achieved after the first session.

Before treatment starts, the therapist performs an objective evaluation of the patient’s condition, formulates a list of problems, and develops a plan.

The clinic accepts Medicare, workers’ compensation, and most private insurance plans.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, a leading physical therapy franchise, provides patients with wellness programs and clinical care in fall prevention, orthopedic and vestibular rehabilitation.

FYZICAL is operated by Dr. Tom DiPaolo, a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience. Other types of therapy offered by the clinic include hand and foot therapy, massage therapy, neurological rehabilitation, myofascial therapy, and sports rehabilitation. Dr. DiPaolo is also experienced in the treatment of dizziness, vestibular issues, and balance problems.

“Dr. Tom is extremely knowledgeable,” said a satisfied client. “He clearly explains the likely reasons for the different symptoms, and works with patients to get the most out of each session.”

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