Increasing Evidence Suggest Creativity May Produce Improvements in Alzheimer’s

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( — April 26, 2021) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Research warns that worldwide, dementia affects one person every three seconds. It is important to realize that neurodegenerative diseases like dementia can be life-changing not just for the sufferer, but also their family and friends. 

For decades, researchers have been looking into the various aspects of this disease and even tried to explore the most therapeutic treatments for the condition. 

It is worth realizing that this condition has remained incurable, and can only be managed via medications combined with healthy dietary and lifestyle habits. It is also important to note that certain activities are actually found helpful for individuals who are struggling from cognitive impairment. 

A growing body of research suggests that art has cognitive health benefits. It is worth realizing that for centuries, painting, drawing, and other art activities have been practiced in many areas around the globe. 

Experts say that painting and drawing may have the ability to stimulate memories of individuals with dementia. 

What makes it even more beneficial is that it could also work wonders in helping them reconnect with the world. There have actually been many other studies demonstrating the brain health benefits of art. 

Some have shown it aids in reducing anxiety and depression. In healthy older people, art has been found to enhance reasoning, memory, and resilience. Anyone can pretty much benefit from the positive impacts of art. 

According to Megan Carleton, it’s the process, not the product. This means that the beneficial effects of the creative process are not dependent on one’s talents or skills. 

Practicing art could be an excellent hobby for individuals with Alzheimer’s or those who are struggling from memory health issues. There are many fun art activities that many people engage in nowadays, such as doodling or scribbling.

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