Black Women Leaders – Positive Mindset/Success Manifestation Course Launched

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Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based consultant Mercedes L. Miller now offers manifestation techniques for Black women struggling to embrace their authentic self. The program helps leaders access their own power to obtain fulfilment and success.

Mercedes L. Miller has released a manifestation course that is intended to give Black women a positive mindset to lead themselves to a better future. The Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based executive consultant and professional speaker is now offering Black women proven techniques to help them exercise leadership and achieve their goals.

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With the newly launched program, Mercedes continues her mission to empower Black women worldwide and teach them how to gain confidence, self-love, and self-motivation. Her goal is to help one of the most powerful cornerstones of society access their power and fulfill their desires.

Black women are the backbone of the family, the community and the church, and Black society as a whole, but they often neglect their personal needs and wishes to care for others instead. With the proven techniques, they can help themselves transform their minds, realize their worth, and embark on a journey of personal leadership and mindful living.

By repeating these proven techniques every day, Black women gear themselves towards setting goals and accomplishing milestones for happiness, wealth, and success.

Mercedes grounds her decision to dedicate her work to helping Black women unlock the success that is inside them, on the prevalence of gender and race inequalities. Black women continue to be undervalued and underpaid – they make up 52% of the Black workforce but are most likely to live in poverty. And while these exceptional women account for a significant share of the US workforce and represent the demographic with the highest potential to start a business, they have seen the steepest drop in earnings.

Mercedes has worked with Black women leaders enjoying successful careers as entrepreneurs, university officials, business owners, ministry leaders, and women with ordinary jobs, all finding the same challenges in everyday life. This has inspired her to put a special focus within her career that supports and encourages Black women to be the best version of themselves.

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Mercedes has created a hashtag #WeSaveEverybody to demonstrate her willingness to help Black women turn their thoughts and ideas into reality.

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