Fort Myers FL Dental Emergency/Acute Dental Pain Care Services Announced

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Fort Myers, FL, Agape Dental updates its emergency dental services for patients suffering from acute dental pain. The clinic specializes in alleviating dental pain quickly and efficiently.

Agape Dental in Fort Myers, Florida, announces its updated dental emergency services for patients requiring immediate medical attention. The clinic is well-known for gently yet effectively alleviating dental pain.

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The newly updated service uses improved techniques to treat dental pain efficiently. The staff at the clinic are all trained to handle different types of dental emergencies and are recognized for their high-quality, patient-centered care.

The latest medical reviews suggest that the current health crisis has prevented many people from visiting their dentists, resulting in more dental emergencies. A dental emergency is any incident that requires immediate medical intervention and can range from heavy bleeding in the mouth to swollen gums.

Agape Dental updated its services to help more people live comfortable and healthy lives. The lead dentist of the clinic, Dr. Gemayel Aquino, stresses the importance of dental health in a person’s life. He says that dental pain can prevent a person from eating, drinking, talking, or just going about their day.

With the updated dental emergency service, patients can have their dental pain removed as quickly as possible. Dr. Aquino is recognized in the industry for offering quick solutions for dental pain. Unlike other dental practitioners, he and his staff take the time to make each patient comfortable so that any dentist anxiety is removed.

Agape Dental offers other dental health services, such as orthodontic treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and preventive and restorative care. The clinic is open to all clients, including those who do not have health insurance.

The updated service continues the mission of Dr. Aquino to provide high-quality, compassionate dental care.

A satisfied patient had this to say about Agape Dental, “After a full year of dental pain, misdiagnoses, and thousands of dollars, I finally saw Dr. Aquino who solved my issue. He saved my life. I can finally eat chew and drink on both sides of my mouth without pain.”

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