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MASC Medical Recruitment firm announces it is accepting applications for healthcare workers in Baytown, Houston. The staffing firm helps match physicians to appropriate care facilities.

MASC Medical Recruitment Firm, a nationwide full-service healthcare staffing firm, announces that it is now accepting applications for temporary nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers in Baytown, Houston. MASC Medical works closely with care companies, medical groups, and hospitals to help healthcare workers successfully find a job.

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The announcement was made to address the growing need for healthcare workers in Texas. The healthcare staffing service uses its relationship-based physician network to recruit, match, and place medical workers in an appropriate care facility based on their experience and expertise.

Several medical surveys have found that healthcare workers find the recruitment process to be both complex and daunting, consequently delaying them from entering the workforce and providing the care they want to give to the public. In general, healthcare workers have to wait around 100 days to find a job.

MASC Medical has streamlined this recruitment process with extensive client interviews that end in a successful healthcare job placement in 30 days. Using a 12-step approach, healthcare workers can find a job in a month. Not only does this help healthcare workers, but it allows medical facilities to get the workers they need to operate at full capacity.

MASC Medical saw that care facilities in the Houston area were understaffed, contributing to more patients than physicians. This prompted the group to announce its applications for temporary nurses and other healthcare workers in the area.

The recruitment process begins with an extensive interview with the healthcare worker to determine their lifestyle, professional needs, and concerns. Each healthcare worker is then matched to an appropriate medical facility using the extensive employer network of MASC Medical.

The staffing service is catered to physicians, mid-level providers, dentists, and allied health executives. Nevertheless, spokespeople at the company say that they can also accommodate custom staffing requests from different healthcare service providers.

Spokespeople of the company say, “MASC Medical effectively takes on essential tasks associated with successful job placement in the healthcare industry.”

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