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Survival expert and author Claude Davis released his new homesteading tips and survival guide, The Lost Way, to help readers become more self-sufficient through ancient techniques.

Dacula, GA-based author Claude Davis has announced the release of his new homesteading tips and survival guide, The Lost Ways. The survival expert has written this book to help his readers become more independent and rediscover ancient techniques for taking care of themselves and their families.

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The Lost Ways is broadly intended to help readers learn the ways that their ancestors may have used to garden, process, and store food for long-term storage, identify plants that are safe to eat and plants that can be used to make a natural poultice.

By teaching readers to become self-sufficient, Claude Davis hopes his new guide will help them become more prepared in case of eventualities like pandemics, job loss, health issues, electric outages, and food shortages.

This new book intends to show readers how to make the switch to a homesteading or self-sufficient lifestyle. Some of the examples of older techniques found in his book that may still be applicable today are building a root cellar to store food, raising chickens to feed families, and learning to grow plants in containers.

The Lost Ways also presents the following main topics in detail, highlighting instances in which Native American techniques may also be relevant. The food section includes recipes with food that Native Americans taught pioneers years ago, the housing and shelter section shows how these tribes built underground homes to protect against the heat and cold throughout the year, and the water section details how to collect and store water without spending much money.

Another discussion in Claude Davis’s book is how to create poultices to create injuries and infections. This section is intended especially for readers who may wonder how to take care of medical concerns when living off the grid.

With the launch of this new book, readers will also find a video sharing the necessary steps to use wild lettuce to create a painkilling puncture.

More information on pricing and contact details, including to buy a copy of the new book The Lost Ways, can be found at the link above.