Deep Layer Penetration Cream Sensitive Skin – Aloe Mothers Day Gifts Launched

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A South African-farmed Aloe Ferox skincare range has been launched by Aloe Unique USA. The new Essential Night Cream provides overnight hydration, replenishment and fortification, and it can be an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

Aloe Unique USA, natural skincare specialists, have launched an updated range of paraben-free, aloe-derived products suitable for sensitive skin types. The launch includes the company’s Essential Night Cream, specially formulated to replenish moisture in the skin overnight.

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Aloe Unique Essential Night Cream offers customers a non-greasy, nourishing blend of vitamins C and E with glycerin to revitalize and fortify dry, tired skin.

The Aloe Ferox is an evergreen plant, native to the South African provinces of Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Known also as Cape Aloe, it is a close relative of Aloe Vera but contains 2 or 3 times more essential amino acids. Aloe Ferox is renowned for the healing properties contained in the gel from its leaves.

Aloe Unique’s skincare range is made exclusively from 100% natural South African Aloe Ferox. The company offer customers products rich in vitamins – all sourced through sustainable, free-range farming which supports the local communities in which the plant is grown and harvested.

Aloe Unique Essential Night Cream is part of the company’s comprehensive range of skincare products which also includes shea body-butter, haircare, sun lotion, hand and nail cream, as well as anti-aging serums and aloe gels. Aloe Unique provides the new skincare and wrinkle-treatment items as ideal gifts for Mother’s Day.

The company’s products improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promote rehydration and reduce inflammation. Aloe Unique Essential Night Cream, like the rest of the range, is suitable for use on all skin types. Aloe Ferox has been shown to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, ensuring optimal effectiveness.

Aloe Unique provide high-end, environmentally friendly skincare products – derived from the finest South African Aloe Ferox crops. The company’s USA distribution is based in Savannah, Georgia. For more details please visit

A spokesperson says, “We use South African Aloe Ferox to create world-class health and beauty products that maximize efficacy and are environmentally friendly. Our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced and all our products are paraben-free.”

Through their recently updated product line and the launch of Aloe Unique Essential Night Cream, the company continue to provide natural skincare solutions for people nationwide, regardless of skin type, age or gender. For more information visit