Seattle Branding Agency – Culture Building and Marketing Optimization Launch

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Seattle-based ShiftUp, a brand culture development, and marketing agency available at +1-206-523-9010, has launched updated brand consultancy services for businesses needing revival.

ShiftUp, a strategic change agency based in Seattle, WA, have launched a range of updated brand culture and marketing services for businesses. The launch provides clients with collaborative branding strategies to enable better connection with target markets and accelerate growth.

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The newly expanded services enable clients to benefit from ShiftUp’s unique ‘Shift Sessions’. These 45 min Zoom conferences are the foundation of the company’s work, providing a ‘change map’ of recommendations and strategies for business growth.

Communicating a consistent and relevant brand message is central to the success of any business in the modern era. According to Forbes, consistent branding across all media channels increases revenue by 23%. A report by Pam Moore suggests that it takes between 5 and 7 interactions before prospective customers connect with a brand, bearing out the ShiftUp philosophy that while businesses must evolve, the quality, integrity and consistency of their brand must remain strong.

ShiftUp provide their clients with specialized growth strategies including business optimization, targeted marketing campaigns and website development. The team offer expertise in social media and SEO, as well as leadership coaching and executive development.

Through unique tools such as their proprietary ‘Brand Culture Compass’ and ‘Brand Message Playbook’, ShiftUp offer business clients high-end tagline development, content strategies, logos, packaging design and display consultancy.

ShiftUp host ‘Full Team Ahead’ workshops to engage and unify businesses’ employees under their brand mission. Clients also benefit from a ‘Market Smarter Activation’ campaign – a data driven sales funnel designed to increase conversion rates through expertly curated content.

Founded in 1992, ShiftUp provide strategic marketing and brand culture development to businesses across a range of sectors. Headed by Eben Greene, the company operate from their headquarters in Seattle, Washington’s Fremont district.

According to a company spokesperson, “We focus on value-based change management to help organizations elevate leadership, differentiate their brand, activate culture and orchestrate marketing.” Eben Greene adds, “I love helping companies focus their vision, voice and values to grow forward.”

With the expansion of their brand culture and strategic marketing services, ShiftUp affirm their reputation as providers of innovative, forward-thinking business development – targeted to sustain the integrity of their clients’ ventures and drive growth. For more information please visit