Automated Facebook Marketing Software And Social Lead Generation Tool Launched

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Social Sales Accelerator, a new marketing software that allows users to use Facebook for automated lead generation, client management, and sales follow-ups, was recently launched.

The release of Social Sales Accelerator, a tool used to automatically drive business and generate leads by leveraging the power of Facebook, has just been announced. The product works as an alternative to placing ads on Facebook and allows individuals to connect with users of the platform without paying per click.

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The launch of Social Sales Accelerator aims to help entrepreneurs save time and money on advertising and lead generation by taking advantage of the targeting possible with social media.

Sales pitches are much more successful when prospective customers already need or are actively looking for a product. Finding such prospective customers is often the most difficult part of making sales, and many companies spend a large percentage of their marketing budget on generating leads.

Social media sites such as Facebook, however, allow advertisers to target users based on their demographic features, group membership, and posting activity. Social Sales Accelerator helps entrepreneurs take advantage of the wealth of information on Facebook to automatically generate interested leads in their niche without paying for advertising.

The software allows targeting members of Facebook groups related to their niche and sending them messages and friend requests. In addition, Social Sales Accelerator users can automatically target people who comment on posts related to their product to advertise directly to prospects who are already interested.

Social Sales Accelerator’s features also include customer relationship management capabilities that allow users to track, monitor, and organize leads. In addition, users can follow up on leads with automated reminders or use the team sharing feature to coordinate with members of the sales team.

The software also includes a host of additional tools designed to streamline the process of marketing on Facebook, from lead generation to sale.

Users of the software have reported having success with the product, as a satisfied customer said: “This piece of software has completely blown me away. The automation is off the charts, and the most special part to me is the relationship building provided by this product.”

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