Mission Bay Auckland Dental Implants – Tooth Replacement Services Launched

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Natural Smile EastMed Dental launched permanent tooth replacement services for patients in Mission Bay, Auckland. Dental implants are a convenient and stable alternative to dentures and bridges.

Natural Smile EastMed Dental, a dental clinic in St Heliers, Auckland, launched updated dental implant placement services for patients in Mission Bay, Auckland, and the surrounding areas.

More information is available at https://naturalsmile.nz/dentist-st-heliers/dental-implants

The newly announced service provides the clinic’s patients with a high-quality permanent replacement for missing teeth.

Tooth loss due to plaque buildup and decay, periodontal disease, and injury gradually leads to the deterioration of the jaw bone, chewing discomfort, difficulty speaking, and changed facial appearance. By replacing tooth roots, dental implants stop the deterioration process and maintain the integrity of bone structure. It is a more convenient, stable, and long-lasting alternative to dentures and bridges.

Placing an implant is a complex procedure. Natural Smile EastMed Dental offers its patients a general dental consultation as a first step in the process. The condition of the tooth and surrounding tissue is assessed, and a personal treatment plan is developed.

Implants are small titanium screws that are placed into the jaw bone in the place of a missing tooth or teeth. Once the implant has been placed there is a healing period of up to 6 months. A healing cap is placed over the implant for a few weeks. The implant is then covered with ceramic or porcelain crowns which look and feel like natural teeth.

The treatment results in permanent, functional, and natural-looking teeth that can’t be lost or misplaced, don’t irritate the gums, and protect the remaining teeth from shifting and becoming loose.

EastMed Dental is one of the oldest dental clinics in St Heliers that was updated with state-of-the-art equipment by Dr. Dave Richards in 2017. He practices minimally invasive dentistry that preserves more natural tooth structure, and aims to provide a pain-free experience. A full range of dental services is offered, including fillings, crowns, pain-free root canals, and extractions. More details can be found at https://nz.news.yahoo.com/best-dentist-st-heliers-mission-044300905.html

“The whole experience of putting in dental implants was painless and stress-free,” said a satisfied patient. “There were helpful explanations of what will be done, updates along the way, and gentle follow-up after each session.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://naturalsmile.nz/dentist-st-heliers