More Studies Show Broccoli’s Powerful Arthritis-Fighting Benefits

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( — April 28, 2021) Orlando, FL — It is not at all surprising that today, more and more experts strongly recommend increased intake of certain fruits and vegetables in battling diseases like arthritis. 

Some vegetables like broccoli have been studied by researchers due to their disease-fighting effects. 

More particularly, broccoli has inflammation-fighting properties that may work in lessening inflammation levels. Scientists carried out a study that looked into the diets of 1,005 female subjects.  

It is worth noting that the participants consumed cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. It has been found intake of the vegetable was linked with reduced levels of inflammatory markers.  

It is important to note that this vegetable contains essential compounds researchers found to lessen arthritis symptom severity. This means that aside from taking advantage of its immunity-boosting benefits, consumers may also be able to combat other inflammation-related diseases. 

The special compound contain in broccoli is called sulforaphane, and it is thought to be behind its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Test-tube studies reveal that this compound blocks the formation of a certain type of cell found to be involved with the development of rheumatoid arthritis.  

Another study involving animals has shown that sulforaphane works by lessening the production of certain inflammatory markers that contribute to rheumatoid arthritis.  

Aside from vegetables, there are other edible items found to work wonderfully in battling with arthritis. These include seafood like shells, lobsters, and shrimps, which are found to have glucosamine. This joint cartilage health repairing amino sugar is popularly used as a safer alternative to pain relievers, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).  

Since arthritis has no known cure yet, sufferers are left with no choice but to manage the condition. Arthritis management involves following healthy dietary and lifestyle habits combined with the use of certain medications.

While it is true that NSAIDs are helpful, it can’t also be denied they could produce some side effects. This is why there are many who use safer alternatives like glucosamine.

In various research studies, glucosamine has demonstrated its ability to prevent or repair cartilage damage. It is widely obtained nowadays via supplementation, such as the use of VitaBreeze Glucosamine. 

What makes this arthritis-fighting formula even more beneficial is that it also contains other ingredients, such as turmeric, chondroitin, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

Consuming every capsule of this formula means benefiting from these science-based arthritis-fighting ingredients. Every Vegetarian and easy-to-swallow capsule is also made carefully in an FDA-inspected facility in the United States.

It could be an excellent addition to one’s arthritis management diet (

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