US Dog Rescue Adoption Stories – Inspirational Story For Pet Enthusiasts Launch

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The US retailer and online forum for dog enthusiasts, My Best Bark, have published a new blog post about dog rescue, fostering and adoption stories.

My Best Bark, a passionate US online community for dog care, have added to their engaging dog blog with a collection of stories about dog rescues, fostering and adoptions.

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The blog post comes in response to the latest studies which revealed that tragically in 2021 there are currently 3.3 million dogs housed in various shelters across the US. Even more distressing to dog lovers is the fact that more than half a million dogs in shelters are euthanized every year.

As such, My Best Bark wants to offer readers more information about how they can save the life of a dog by giving it a safe and welcoming new home.

Among some of the optimistic and heartwarming dog rescue stories featured is the experience of Laura Seymour from Virginia who rescued and adopted her beautiful Akita, who she has since called Takia.

When Laura first encountered Takia she was permanently chained to a tree outside a residential property with only a hole in the mud to sleep in and no food. After visiting and feeding her three times a week for a whole year, Laura was luckily able to work with local animal control to have her freed and rescued.

At only five years of age Takia is a young and otherwise healthy dog who should reasonably be able to expect a full and happy life.

My Best Bark believes in celebrating these inspiring stories of the everyday Americans who are providing a loving home for animals in need.

The site was founded by a team of passionate dog and animal lovers who want every dog in the US to be cared and provided for. Therefore, in addition to the compelling stories they feature on their blog they offer readers detailed health, grooming and care advice for every dog breed imaginable.

Additionally, the forum has a featured products section in which their collaborators rank available products for unique care cases including best dog food for dog’s suffering from autoimmune disease and best puppy milk replacer.

A spokesperson for the community said, “Dogs are an integral part of life for many people. They can be a friend, companion, motivation, help in need and so much more. We’ve selected these heartwarming stories about people and their four legged friends to remind us all of the immense value in rescuing a dog and saving a life.”

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