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Dana Jay, a New York-based children’s author, has announced the publication of her first book, Gizmo’s New Friend, which tells the story of a cat and dog who become best friends.

Dana Jay, a New York-based children’s author, has announced the publication of her first book, Gizmo’s New Friend. Gizmo’s New Friend is the story of a cat and dog who, despite their differences, become best friends.

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The theme running throughout the newly released book is that friendship is the best gift of all.

Gizmo’s New Friend teaches children to acknowledge and embrace differences, encourage them to find similarities in things often deemed different, however big or small it might be, and highlight the importance of companionship. The book is aimed at readers from birth and up to 6-years.

Dana Jay has had a passion for writing from an early age. As a small child, she would always have pencil and paper in hand and constantly write down stories. However, it wasn’t until her final semester at college, where she was studying for a degree in computer science, that she took a creative writing course and felt compelled to fulfill a lifetime’s ambition and become an author.

When combining this passion with her love of animals, it’s not surprising that her first book was inspired by her beloved pets, a cat named Leo and a dog called Gizmo.

Speaking about pets inspired her debut children’s book, Dana Jay said, “Leo and Gizmo are such wonderful pets, how could I not write about them? Leo and Gizmo love each other so much, I call them, ‘the dynamic duo.’ The bond between them is profound and so rarely seen between a cat and a dog.”

Gizmo’s New Friend is illustrated by Donovan Tyrell Elmore, a 13-year-old artist from Powder Springs, Georgia.

Donovan started drawing at the age of three, committing his artwork to every available surface, including the walls of his parents’ and grandparents’ homes. Donovan is self-taught in pencil art, digital art, and canvas artwork.

Gizmo’s New Friend by Dana Jay is available in paperback, Kindle eBook, and hardcover editions from Amazon.

More information about Dana Jay’s new book, Gizmo’s New Friend, is available at https://DanaJayBooks.com