London UK Mild Gourmet Hot Sauces – Building Spice Tolerance Report Released

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MAHI, a hot sauce brand based in London, England, has released a new report to guide individuals through the process of slowly building up a tolerance to spicy foods.

London-based UK hot sauce and marinade brand MAHI has released a new report about building spice tolerance. The piece includes step-by-step guidelines for gradually introducing spice to one’s palate.

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Incorporating spicy foods into everyday meals can benefit one’s digestion, metabolism, and longevity. MAHI’s latest report includes useful techniques for individuals looking for ways to adapt and improve their spice tolerance.

To avoid causing a negative impact on the body, the guide suggests that beginners to spice start by adding safe, commonplace sauces or peppers into their diet. One can begin by referencing the Scoville Heat Unit Scale (SCU) to find their ideal spice level.

MAHI’s product line includes a range of mild sauces and marinades that score low on the SCU, including Jerk Barbeque Sauce, Cayenne & Cranberry Sweet Heat Sauce, and Peri Peri Garlic Marinade. Visit for more information.

The report also notes that developing a spice tolerance requires continuous work over a period of time to see results.

In terms of coolants, one should turn to milk or high-proof alcohol to soothe the burning sensation left from spice. Beverages like water and beer, however, should be avoided.

Unlike condiments like ketchup and mustard, hot sauce should be used sparingly. In the beginning, spice novices should try eating sauce or peppers on the side of their meal to gradually get used to their intensity.

Spicy foods should only be incorporated into an individual’s diet if they enjoy the experience. Pushing the body past its natural limits may cause health consequences such as gastric ulcers or acid reflux.

Factors such as the environment, taste buds, and genetics can affect one’s response to spicy foods. MAHI’s report ends with the sentiment that, when it comes to spice, one should listen to one’s body.

Those looking to add more spice into their daily meals can browse MAHI’s full collection of hot sauces, ketchup, marinades, and herb sauces. The product’s heat levels range from mild to extremely hot.

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