Leeds Commercial Photography – Professional Branding Photographer Service Launch

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An award-winning Halifax photographer has expanded his operations to Leeds, extending to a new set of clients the same level of professional quality that his studio is known for.

Danny Thompson Photography, a Halifax-based photography studio, has opened its services in Leeds for clients looking for high-end images fit for commercial use.

More information is available at https://www.dannythompsonphotography.co.uk/Commercial

The newly launched service can produce professional-grade photos for a business’s marketing and branding requirements. In addition to high-quality photos, the firm also offers to consult for clients that need help in developing their brand’s distinct image.

Danny Thompson Photography can take professional headshots of staff, product shots, location and event photos, and fashion photos. It can also create shareable images for marketing and social media campaigns.

It specialises in branding photography or the creation of images that are exclusive to an organisation. According to the company, having the right image is essential for establishments that want to set themselves apart from their competitors.

“When others opt for generic overused stock photography, you have an arsenal of images that are unique and specifically styled to your brand,” it explained on its website.https://www.dannythompsonphotography.co.uk/

The studio has a number of subscription packages that can be customised according to the needs of the client. Its most basic plan is called Essentials, and it comes with three 60-minute shoots that result in 12 images.

Clients who require more images can opt for the Enterprise plan, which produces 26 photos, or the Premium plan, which gives them 40 images.

Businesses that need an image consultant can subscribe to the Entrepreneur plan. This plan also comes standard with a two-hour photoshoot and two hours of editing.

More premium packages like the Executive and VIP plans offer subscribers,marketing and social media agencies more service hours, as well as priority support.

Proprietor Danny Thompson the Halifax photographer provides services to businesses of all sizes, professionals, and charities. A well-rounded visual specialist, he has studied art and graphic design along with photography.

“My clients hire me to develop their brand photography which keeps their imagery consistent and professional across all marketing applications,” he stated.

In addition to being a commercial photographer, Mr Thompson is also an award-winning wedding photographer. He was recognised as Photographer of 2020 at the North of England Wedding Awards.https://www.dannythompsonphotography.co.uk/Wedding

Additional details about its commercial services and other offerings can be found at https://www.dannythompsonphotography.co.uk/Commercial