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Ancient Survival Guide has released a new book, ‘The Lost Ways’ by survival expert Claude Davis which aims to provide detailed information on homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Ancient Survival Guide has launched its new book ‘The Lost Ways’ for people looking to learn about homesteading and how they can use the survival skills of the past to help them in modern times.

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‘The Lost Ways’ from Ancient Survival Guide aims to provide people with a resource that can help them discover practical skills based on techniques and methods developed in the past, which can prepare them to become more self-sufficient.

In the current pandemic landscape, many people are seeing a change in their daily lives, with several amenities that they have taken for granted being impacted by the new status quo. Furthermore, people are looking at ways to become more self-sufficient to adapt to these changes and allow for more freedom and security for themselves and their families. Ancient Survival Skills are aiming to help give these people the information they need to get started in this area by looking at the skills used by their forefathers.

The newly released book, ‘The Lost World’, gives readers the benefit of details on homesteading, which is a type of lifestyle that includes several aspects of self-sufficiency. Ancient Survival Guide’s new book covers details for people to learn, such as how to grow food, build traps for hunting, and various homesteading medicines.

The pioneer tips and advice within the book also aim to cover several areas for people looking to live off the grid for survival without the reliance on technology, which can breakdown without warning. Off the grid skills suggested within ‘The Lost Ways’ includes the installation of solar panels, which can be switched on should something affect the primary power grid from utility companies.

‘The Lost Ways’ book was written by Claude Davis, who has over thirty years of experience in the world of survivalism and runs the website With his book, Claude aims to help prepare people for the repercussions of issues such as the current pandemic, job losses, electrical outages, and food shortages.

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