Reducing Heavy Metal Levels May Benefit Your Immune System

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( — April 29, 2021) Orlando, FL — More and more guidelines are popping up in the internet on how to strengthen the body’s defenses. This is not at all surprising considering that maintaining a strong immunity is one of the best ways to combat the potentially dangerous effects of Covid-19.

It is worth noting that aside from having certain chronic ailments, the odds of complications or even death due to Covid-19 increases with poor immunity. 

Researchers have carried out a number of studies to determine the best ways in boosting the body’s defenses. It is important to note that engaging in physical activities regularly and following a healthy diet are some of the best ways to protect the body’s defenses.

It is also important to stress that aside from nourishing the body with nutrients and activities that make it healthy, it is also wise to learn about its threats.

There are threats like the buildup of toxins and heavy metals found to not just increase the odds of diseases, but also wreak havoc on immunity. 

Various studies have looked into the health effects of heavy metals on health. It is important to keep in mind that excessive levels of heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, copper, and zinc are associated with various undesirable health consequences. 

While heavy metals are harmless in fewer amounts as they are easily filtered in the urine, they can be dangerous in high levels. 

Aside from potentially increasing the risk of diseases, it is worth realizing that heavy metals may also negatively affect immune system health. 

More particularly, accumulation of heavy metals in the body may suppress the immune system. Heavy metals like mercury are found to lessen white blood cell production, and this in turn wreaks havoc on immunity. 

There are other ways these metals are found to produce negative effects, and one is their association with inflammation. When they promote inflammation levels, they may also cause the immune system to overwork. 

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of suffering from health issues linked with heavy metals is to simply identify their sources. This means avoiding foods, products, and or places that are known to have high levels of these toxins. 

Body cleansing is also one of the helpful ways to deal with heavy metals. There are various measures found helpful for body detox, and one is through the use of a highly adsorbent remedy called activated charcoal. 

When ingested, it binds with toxins and heavy metals and eliminate them through bowel movement. To benefit from its use, it is wise to consider formulas like Divine Bounty Activated Charcoal. 


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