New Options for Debt Relief – Learn about Debt Resolution

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See if you can be debt free in 24-48 months with the help of Certified Debt Specialists at National Debt Relief. Call 888-675-2524, to see if you qualify and receive a free, personalized quote. This call has no impact to credit.

National Debt Relief, a specialist debt resolution company with headquarters in New York, NY, offers the only type of debt resolution that will actively reduce your debt in as little as 24 – 48 months. This is a fast, easy process to expedite paying your debt down vs. the decades it would take to pay down your minimums on your credit cards.

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The company offers clients swift, affordable, debt consolidation packages designed to provide relief from mounting interest rates. The company can not only reduce customer debt but also the stress and anxiety that comes with unaffordable repayments.

According to, the average household debt in the U.S is $145,000 with the revolving credit card debt average sitting around $6,271. As unemployment figures reach new heights due to recent global events, more and more families have relied on credit to see them through slow periods, often under unfavorable terms and interest rates. Debt resolution entails negotiation with creditors to reduce outstanding balances and by accounting for financial hardship, find a solution that benefits everyone involved, including you.

National Debt Relief offers customers the benefit of their specialist knowledge, providing an initial consultation at no cost to the customer, no matter how bad their credit may be. The company is a proven expert in debt negotiations and each client has a team of experienced negotiators behind them, working towards reaching the best settlements they can.

The company provides a comprehensive analysis of client finances, ensuring monthly savings and budget remain manageable. National Debt Relief helps the client set up an FDIC insured savings account, creating a fund which is ultimately used to pay off their creditors once a settlement has been reached and approved. The company is committed is to keeping monthly payments manageable, teaching clients how to live within their means while learning to save, and helping them achieve financial independence once and for all.

National Debt Relief is one of the country’s largest debt settlement companies and has helped thousands of people overcome financial hardship through skilled negotiation with creditors. The company offers clients a viable alternative to bankruptcy, debt consolidation loans, and credit counseling. National Debt Relief is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has earned an A+ rating year over year. The company is a longstanding member of the IAPDA and is fully compliant with the conduct codes of the American Fair Credit Council.

According to a National Debt Relief client, “Every representative I have worked with has been polite, professional, and helpful. This service has resolved over $10,000 in debts for me and I could not be happier!”

With their commitment to every client, National Debt Relief affirms their dedication to helping people nationwide overcome their debt problems through education and innovative financial solutions. For more information visit this link.