Fayetteville NC Social Media Content Marketing/Digital Exposure Service Launched

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The Mo You Know, a social media and digital marketing consultancy based in Fayetteville, NC, has launched updated services to provide exposure and brand growth to small businesses and nonprofits.

Marketing and media consulting services, The Mo You Know, based in Fayetteville, NC have launched updated services for small businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs, including social media management and media pitching services. By identifying new and existing target audiences, the range of services have been designed to provide exposure and public relations support that’s tailored to their clients’ individual business needs.

For more information, please visit https://themoyouknow.info

Founding CEO, ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul, has launched services in the North Carolina area specifically created to boost exposure for small businesses, drawing on her multitude of experience as a US Air Force combat veteran, work in public affairs, administration, operation management and more to combine her compassion with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Small business owners can often find it a struggle to manage their own media exposure and find fresh ways to interact with and build relationships with their target audience. By offering professional multimedia content marketing services, The Mo You Know works with small businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs to boost exposure and reach the customers they need to grow their brand and flourish.

Offering several media packages and one-on-one consultations, The Mo You Know provides a range of services in Fayetteville and beyond to help small businesses connect and collaborate with their community and customers. The Mo You Know Social Media Takeover package includes social media management of pages and accounts, and includes regular strategy sessions to ensure that businesses are kept in the loop.

The Mo You Know Media Poolaza package takes the services one step further, by pitching small businesses and their services to media outlets across TV, radio, podcasts, video shows & more.

With the latest announcement, The Mo You Know continues to commit to providing valuable media exposure and content marketing services to small businesses and nonprofits that struggle to connect with and maintain their exposure to target audiences.

Mo’s work with small businesses and entrepreneurs has been repeatedly recognized in print, and her dedication to boosting exposure for nonprofits has led to awards such as the Special Achievement Award from the NAACP-Honolulu Branch, the Better Carolina Award, and the Values.com “Hero of the Month” award.

Additional information about the company’s services can be found at https://themoyouknow.info