Katy TX Go-Kart Racing And Laser Tag – Party And Event Services Launched

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The Andretti Karting and entertainment center in Katy, TX, launched a range of fun attractions for the whole family, including go-kart racing, virtual reality games, bowling, and a ropes course.

Andretti Karting Katy, an indoor karting and entertainment center, launched an updated range of attractions for clients in Katy, TX. The center features a go-kart race track, arcade games, VR games, laser tag, and mini-golf.

More information is available at https://andrettikarting.com/katy/attractions

With the new announcement, the center provides its clients with a large variety of games, rides, and entertainment activities under one roof.

The facility features multi-level go-kart racing tracks with the best high-speed electric karts in the industry, Biz Karts. These karts are powerful, ergonomic, safe, and environmentally friendly. Younger children can enjoy the Mini Mario electric karts on the junior track.

Andretti Karting Katy also offers virtual reality games. Hologate VR is a 4-player virtual reality attraction with advanced graphic technology and full sensory immersion. The Hologate Blitz combines VR graphics with a motion simulator that rises a full meter in height and can tilt 30 degrees in any direction. Omniverse is another VR attraction that involves a 360-degree moving treadmill platform.

Visitors can enjoy classic, 3D, and multiplayer arcade games. Lucky Putt Mini Golf features digital score tracking, dynamic props, and lighting effects and sounds that activate when players hit certain triggers. The two-story laser tag arena utilizes the newest technology in the country, with multiple base stations, energy gates for special power-ups during game-play, and wall targets that interact with the players.

Custom party packages are available for visitors who would like to celebrate a birthday, corporate party, or another special event at Andretti. A personal event associate will greet the guests and guide them through the scheduled activities.

Kids’ birthday party packages include junior meals, beverages, unlimited arcade play, goodie bags with points for redemption prizes, balloon decorations, and online invitations. Front-of-the-line access to activities can be reserved for the guests.

“It is a great place to come and spend time with the family,” said a satisfied client. “The games and attractions provide a lot of variation. The go-karts are electric and regulated well. It is a safe place for kids and adults to race together.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://andrettikarting.com/katy/attractions