Automatic Fire Extinguisher Honoring Armed Forces – Safety Fireball Launched

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A range of self-activating flame-suppressant Fireballs have been launched by Auto Fire Guard. The fire-safety products feature designs honoring those serving in the US military, both past and present.

Auto Fire Guard has announced the launch of a new range of self-activating Fireballs that honor the US armed forces. Fireballs are automatic fire suppression devices available in different sizes and designs.

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The newly launched range of Fireballs features designs that honor those in the armed services. The company states that the innovative automatic fire defense product protects a home from fire in the same way that the military protects our country.

The company’s latest collection features products that are decorated to pay homage to those in the armed services and features the logos and names of each branch, including those of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard.

Auto Fire Guard Fireballs are spheres that contain fire extinguishing materials and can be used in much the same way as a traditional fire extinguisher in the home. These spherical fire safety products are available in four sizes and many other colors and designs.

The temperature and humidity-resistant fire safety device contains a fire suppressant activation technology similar to that of automobile airbags. When in contact with sustained fire, the micro-gas generator causes the ball to fill with gas and pop open.

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The Fireball can only be activated by contact with fire. It can be used as a fire extinguisher by throwing or rolling it into the flames, which causes it to react and extinguish the surrounding fire.

It can also be used as a fire sprinkler system by being mounted on ceilings, walls, or any area that has a fire risk. Depending on the size of the product purchased, the Fireball comes with either a hanging loop, a metal hanging basket, or a stand.

A company spokesperson has said that the Fireballs are: “Great for showing support for the military armed services, especially for vets and those on active duty.”

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