Miami FL At-Risk Youth Early Intervention And School Warning System Launched

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Cedric Burl announces a new early intervention and warning system for public and private school districts that makes schools safer and smarter!

Cedric Burl, the CEO of Wall Street Insight, announced an automated data dashboard with an early warning and intervention system for private and public school districts is helping schools throughout the United States.

The system provides schools with the data they need to create better and more timely interventions. Burl states managing performance, tracking behavior, and maintaining safety standards has been difficult for any size district – but the new solution aims to change that. Reports that used to take 6 weeks now take 6 seconds.

For administrators, the system ensures that their district is meeting all State Performance and Office of Civil Rights compliance requirements. For Principals the system simplifies discipline management at the school level through disproportionality and discrimination tracking.

As for educators the system will Identify and create more timely interventions and share them between all members of student services.

A demo of the system can be requested at

The software system, which has been developed and proven has been endorsed by Burl as a way of helping his community. He recognizes that educators need to adopt a multi-pronged approach in managing their students to prevent them from dropping out, developing anti-social behavior, or not engaging in class.

The Early Warning component will Identify At-Risk issues around, academics, behavior, mental health, disproportionality, and discrimination. In addition to that, the Early Intervention Quickly implements Multi-Tiered Support System interventions and individualized intervention plans. As far as At-Risk Assessments, the system performs district-wide assessments and gap analyses for student achievement and student safety.

Current sociological studies have found that a greater percentage of children from minority groups do not finish their secondary education. Further research suggests that these children are more at risk of engaging in criminal behavior, getting pregnant earlier, or being killed.

Burl attempts to reduce these risks by working with a group of companies to create systems and awareness to make schools safer and smarter.

A full copy of Burl’s proposal can be viewed at

Burl is currently a high-risk business investment consultant and is working with a software company specializing in producing early warning intervention systems. The proposed system aims to make public schools safer and smarter.

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