UK Diversity/Inclusion Workplace Unconscious Bias Navigation Webinar Launched

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Bias navigation expert Buki Mosaku has teamed up with insurance recruiting firm Harrison Holgate for a series of webinars intended to equip senior managers with fairness-oriented solutions to navigate negative bias towards minorities in the workplace.

London-based diversity and inclusion consultant Buki Mosaku announced the launch of the first of a series of interactive webinars in partnership with leading insurance recruiting firm Harrison Holgate. The goal of these live interactive webinars is to promote diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector and provide solutions to navigate all forms of unconscious bias in the workplace.

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With the newly launched webinars, Mosaku, who is the author of the forthcoming book “I Don’t Understand? A Practical Guide To Navigating Bias in the Workplace”, seeks to help insurance leaders address unconscious negative attitudes towards minorities and marginalised groups.

By encouraging managers to renounce the traditional and counterproductive “guilty perpetrator versus hapless victim” model that keeps the majority feeling guilty and leaves minorities passive and reliant on the goodwill of the “offending” parties, Mosaku aims to motivate them to allocate resources to resort to fairness-driven corporate solutions instead.

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Mosaku is optimistic that his partnership with Harrison Holgate will play a significant role in reducing bias as an issue at an interpersonal and recruiting level.

Apart from being specialists in insurance and reinsurance recruitment, Harrison Holgate are experts in diversity and inclusion (D&I) recruitment and consultancy for the insurance and specialist sectors. Headed by Meera Joshi, the firm’s D&I team has vast experience in building and sustaining organisations by employing individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, helping them create equal opportunities for everyone.

Mosaku, who is the founder of DiverseCity Think Tank, believes that making changes towards creating a level playing field for minorities of all persuasions should be on the priority list of organisations. Senior management’s failure in using efficient methods to dissipate bias is evident in a recent survey carried out among staff at leading London-based underwriting and broking companies.

The results suggest that as a whole, minorities working at insurance companies distrust their leaders and doubt their commitment to tackling inequalities in their workforce. This also seems to be the case with many small and medium-sized insurance brokers, where managers are yet to equip themselves with resources and a framework conducive to achieving their diversity and inclusion goals.

Mosaku highlights the importance of adequately handling bias by rejecting “guilt”-driven initiatives in his upcoming book, as well as in several articles and interviews, most recently in his talk with Sony Award Winning presenter Miranda Rae, which can be viewed here: