Hainesport NJ Roof Repair Vs Replacement – Roofing Contractors Report Launched

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Champion Exteriors have released a report offering practical advice and information for individuals with roofing damage. The resource aims to help readers make an informed decision on whether they should repair or replace the roof.

Champion Exteriors, roofing, siding, windows, and doors company based in Hainesport, NJ, have released a report featuring information on when to replace a damaged roof versus when to repair it. The online report, from a reputable roofing contractor, offers practical advice on choosing between a roof repair and a roof replacement, saving customers money accordingly.

More details can be found at https://www.champion-exteriors.com/post/when-to-replace-a-roof-vs-when-to-repair-it

The newly released report provides reliable information and advice as to whether damaged roofs should be patched or replaced, in part or whole.

According to the report, the life span of a roof depends on the material but, in general, a roof can last anywhere from 10 to 50 years. If the age of a roof is unknown, a roofing contractor, or home inspector, can identify this as well as any roofing issues that are in need of attention.

The report lists a number of signs that indicate a roof is in need of replacement: curling shingles, shingles that are missing granules, shingles that have blown off the roof, moss that has grown on the shingles, and any other obvious major damage to the roof, for example after a storm with high winds or destructive hail.

The information listed in the report also explains the circumstances in which a roof repair may be sufficient. The author of the report states: “If your roof has suddenly been damaged by a storm, animals or your relatively new roof has suddenly sprung a leak, you may be a candidate for a roof repair. In fact, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the repair cost.”

If damage is confined to one area, a partial re-roofing repair may be considered although this can sometimes be cost-prohibitive when considerations such as labor and materials are taken into account.

Calling roof repair and replacement professionals to carry out an assessment will help to determine the extent of roof damage. With over 80 years of industry experience, Champion Exteriors are one of the largest roofing outfits in South Jersey working on both residential and commercial properties.

With this latest release, Champion Exteriors continues to provide a reliable and knowledgeable service for those looking for roofing advice.

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