Partnership Announced for Trokie Medical Grade CBD Products

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Terrapin Select launches a new partnership with Trokie to bring pharmaceutical-grade 100% CBD products to retail and consumers with complimentary shipping in the USA.

Terrapin Select, an East Coast based CBD educator and provider, has announced a new partnership with Trokie, a premier manufacturer and global distributor of pharmaceutical grade CBD products. The new partnership will combine Terrapin’s established wholesale distribution infrastructure with Trokie’s long-established and medically backed product lines to effectively expand the reach of Trokie products to retail and consumers across the USA. Terrapin Select is committed to offering only products from hand selected and vetted manufacturers.

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All Trokie products meet their CBD gold standard, as set by an expert team of medical doctors and doctors of pharmacology. Their products are 100% CBD, no THC, and have been certified to guarantee consistent dosing. Derived from industrial hemp and toxin-free, all products are manufactured according to FDA and ISO certifications.

Patented and backed by proprietary science, all Trokie CBD products are verified by an independent laboratory after being scrutinized for safety and potency by their in-house medical team. This ensures that every batch is medical grade and pharmaceutical quality.

In a world filled with medical misinformation, Terrapin Select is dedicated to educating clients about CBD – what it is, what it’s used for, who can benefit from it, and how users can improve their quality of life with this natural solution. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a molecule that is found in the cannabis plant. CBD has a number of potential benefits for those looking to find alternative, plant based solutions to supplement or replace their medicinal regimen.

While the FDA doesn’t currently allow manufacturers to make medical claims about CBD, there is currently ample research to suggest that it may be useful in any number of ways. CBD is well known to be anti-inflammatory, and is frequently taken for improved mobility, mood, sleep, and other health related concerns.

A spokesperson for the company said, “CBD has also been used by many who struggle with motivation and mood disorders such as addiction, depression, and anxiety.” CBD’s benefits can help both mind and body issues.

In a 2018 article US News and World Report article, Dr. Alan Beyer, sports medicine doctor and executive medical director of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in California frequently recommends CBD prodcuts for atheletes and exercise recovery. He encourages it as an alternative to NSAIDs which have been linked to kidney damage. The article goes on to share that “in a 2017 Emergency Medical Journal studying ultramarathoners, those who took ibuprofen every four hours during a 50-mile race were about 18 percent more likely to finish the race with acute kidney damage.” CBD, like that found in Trokie products, is a powerful anti-inflammatory without the side effects commonly found with NSAIDs.

Interested parties can find more information at Consumers and retailers looking to purchase Trokie CBD products can now do so through Terrapin Select’s online store.