5 Things To Know About a Payroll Job Description

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(Newswire.net — April 25, 2021) — Most of us take getting paid accurately and on time each month for granted. But behind the scenes, it is only because of payroll workers that this happens.

Working in payroll involves handling large amounts of money each day to ensure that employees are paid and finances run smoothly.

If you’re wondering what a payroll job description looks like, we’ve got you covered. From roles and responsibilities to payroll job salaries, here is everything you need to know about working on payroll.

1. What Technical Skills Do I Need?

It seems obvious, but the first thing you need to succeed in a payroll job is good mathematical and problem-solving skills. Problems may arise from time to time and you need to be able to solve these logically and efficiently.

Good working knowledge of computer software is also essential. At a minimum, you should be proficient in Microsoft Office, but knowledge of other systems such as Sage and Quickbooks is also desirable.

2. What Other Skills Do I Need?

In addition to the more technical skills, anyone applying for a job in payroll will be expected to display other competencies. Strong communication skills, organizational capabilities, and great customer service are all must-have qualities.

This can be a demanding role and you will need to make accurate calculations and process payments quickly. Therefore, it is important that you are able to stay calm under pressure to avoid making careless mistakes.

3. What Will Be My Main Duties and Responsibilities?

As part of any payroll team, you will be expected to do many different tasks. Some of the main payroll job responsibilities include:

  • Check employee’s hours or timesheets
  • Make monthly payments on time
  • Work with a variety of pay stub forms for small businesses and larger departments and organizations
  • Set up new employees on the system
  • Manage any sickness or maternity pay
  • Keep track of overtime

4. What Are the Working Hours and Average Salary?

As of March 2021, the average salary of a payroll clerk is $46,047. For supervisory and managerial payroll jobs, the average salary is around $80,983.

Exactly what your salary is will depend on factors like your level of education, experience, and company, but this is a good indication.

Though you can generally expect to work from nine to five on weekdays, each company is different. You may be expected to start early or work the occasional weekend, as the business requires.

5. What Progression Opportunities Are There?

Payroll careers are varied, and there is lots of room for progression. Payroll clerk positions are often entry-level, but from there you can move up to administrator and coordinator positions.

With a few more years of experience under your belt, you will be able to apply for payroll manager or supervisor positions. This would allow you to take control of the hiring and training of new staff members in addition to your other responsibilities.

Even if you later decide to switch industries and leave payroll, you will have valuable transferable skills that will open more doors for you in similar professions.

Payroll Job Description Made Simple

Now you have a clearer idea of what a payroll job description looks like, all that’s left is to find how to apply for a payroll job near you. Try looking for vacancies both on large job boards and sites, as well as on the individual companies’ sites.

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