Auto Dealership Customer Verification Of Income – Automated Service Updated

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TurboPass, a program that simplifies the selling process for dealerships, has updated its service to eliminate paperwork and quickly verify a customer’s ability to pay.

TurboPass, a company whose program allows dealerships to modernize and accelerate validation of a customer’s information, has updated its service to eliminate the hassle and risk associated with traditional document-based customer verification. TurboPass’s team has decades of experience in financial technology and in the medical and automotive sectors.

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TurboPass’s newly updated service provides instant proof of a customer’s income, residency, and identity in order to reduce fraud and CIT (contracts in transit).

For every case of fraud that is rejected by a lender and put back to a dealership, a dealer must sell an additional ten vehicles to recover lost profits. On average, dealers can reduce average contracts in transit from 3-10 days to just a few hours with TurboPass.

TurboPass is a SaaS-based solution that gets an accurate financial snapshot of a customer’s ability to pay and de-risks the deal for all parties involved. It helps to eliminate CIT and funding delays, and also minimized the risk of fraud associated with misrepresentations in income and identity.

TurboPass Reports are completely digital and can be shared with a seller’s customer, their financial department, and their lender. Sellers can invite customers to TurboPass through a link sent to the customer’s phone. The customer will receive the invitation and can then securely connect their bank accounts.

Those interested in trying TurboPass can get a 7-day free trial. TurboPass’s paid plans include a Starter plan for $299 per month which comes with 20 reports, a Professional plan for $399 per month which comes with 40 reports, and an Enterprise plan for $499 per month which comes with 60 reports. They also offer an Intro plan that is available for $9.99 per month which comes with 5 reports.

A satisfied client said: “TurboPass is the best program I’ve come across. It is so easy to use and makes your job a lot easier. It makes financing faster and easy to prove income for customers that use bank statements as POI. I’ve been using it for the past 3 months and I love it.”

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