Scientists Now Link Obesity With a Weakened Response to Taste

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( — May 3, 2021) Orlando, FL — Obesity continues to wreak havoc on the health of an increasing number of people. There are actually studies looking into the various aspects of obesity, and these include how it affects the body.

The researchers from Binghamton University, State of University of New York carried out a study.

In this research, it has been shown that obesity is associated with a decreased response to taste. It is worth mentioning that taste perception has been previously known to change with obesity. However, it has remained poorly understood how these underlying neural changes happen.

According to Binghamton University Professor of Psychology Patricia Di Lorenzo, it’s surprising that we know so little about how taste is affected by obesity, given that the taste of food is a big factor in determining what we choose to eat.

The investigators particularly found that in the obese rats, the taste responses were smaller in magnesium as well as shorter in duration. They have further found that they also took longer to develop all compared with those in lean rats.

The investigators looked into the effects of obesity on the body and overall health. Many experts have long warned that aside from changes in taste responses, obesity can produce a range of changes including the undesirable ones.

Scientists warn that obesity increases the risk of a range of diseases. This is why experts strongly recommend resorting to measures that could aid in weight management.

Interestingly, natural remedies like probiotics have been found to be potentially useful for weight loss. Probiotics have been widely studied due to their remarkable healing potentials. 

These beneficial bacteria have long been reputed to play a significant role in maintaining gut health and protection. 

Scientists have long been revealing that these beneficial bacteria work in breaking down and digesting food in the gut. They also work in increasing the body’s ability to use nutrients and vitamins. 

Probiotics play a significant role in maintaining the gut flora, which is essential for weight management. Changes in the gut flora has also been linked with obesity. 

In some studies, it has been found probiotic supplementation has helped with more weight loss during the weight-maintenance stage. Their intake has further been linked with reductions in extra belly fat.

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