Art Creation May Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety in These Times of Pandemic

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( — May 3, 2021) Wilmington, DELAWARE — The threats to health, life, and economic stability brought on by the pandemic continue to spread like a wildfire around the globe. 

Due to the serious threats the virus presents, many areas worldwide are subject to a quarantine or lockdown. 

Health authorities have been strongly stressing the relevance of practicing social distancing, boosting immunity, and proper hygiene to increase protection against the virus. It is also important to take care of one’s mental health to continue surviving the pandemic. 

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the pandemic has been taking a toll on many people’s mental health. As a matter of fact in the United States, it is found more and more individuals are seeking psychological health assistance of counseling since this global terror has started. 

Being in the confines of their homes, many nowadays are beginning to explore their creative sides. There are those who are engaging in art activities, such as painting and drawing. These activities do not just help people feel good, but also busy and distracted. 

In some studies, it has been found that spending just 45 minutes on an art projects offers relief from stress. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it also works in strengthening critical thinking skills and enhancing memory retention.

There have been research studies suggesting that art or the creative process has the ability to help combat stress. There are actually many art activities people can choose from aside from painting. 

These include doodling, scribbling, and drawing, which are easy and fun to do. These art activities can be enjoyed pretty much by everyone, and there is actually no need to have a certain level of art skill to do them.

It is worth realizing that it is not the outcome or the art piece that matters but the creative process, which scientists have found to be highly therapeutic.

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