Healthy Hair Tonic Is Forever

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( — April 26, 2021) — Hairstyles have tended to go hand in hand with fashion throughout the years. And hair tonic was often linked with certain fashion and lifestyles as well. The 1920s were famous for the gleaming, well-oiled hairstyles of the men, and for the bobbed and sprayed severe styles of the women. 

Beginning around the late 1940s, the ‘greaser’ style was all the rage with young, rebellious men. Their slicked-back pompadours always seemed to be paired with a black leather jacket to create a distinctive, ‘tough’ look. 

During the sixties and seventies, the natural look was favored by the young people of the world, and hair tonic was considered as ‘old-school’ as suspenders and three-piece suits.

Hair Tonic Re-Awakening

During the 80s and early 90s, hair tonics, serums, and gels all experienced a re-awakening and became popular once again. This was in the disco era and everyone was taken by the sight of John Travolta strutting along the streets of Brooklyn, New York, in his trademark overly-styled hair. Out on the dance floor, your hair was always expected to stay in place, so the use of hair products made perfect sense. 

For the young women of that era, it meant big, high-maintenance hairstyles and the hair diffusers, gels, and sprays that were necessary to always be looking your best and in the height of fashion.

Importance of Looking Your Best

But as the disco era faded, people still clung to the idea that looking your best was important. They realized that always appearing well-groomed opened doors and caused opportunities to present themselves. And as these people entered their careers and married and began raising families, they also began to correctly equate living a healthy life as being an important aspect of looking your best. 

They began to pay attention to the food they ate and the lotions and ointments they put on their skin and in their hair. With this trend toward natural products came the realization by people in the hair-care products industry, that they could create much better products than they had been by using all-natural ingredients. 

Living a Healthy and Well-Groomed Lifestyle

Today, a healthy lifestyle is indicative of someone who is always looking their best and enjoys being active, fashionable, social, and always well-groomed. It indicates someone who is in control of their life and enjoying each and every minute of the ride.

The all-natural hair tonics, serums, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments reflect this regard for a healthy head of hair in both men and women. The hair-care industry is hugely successful around the world and it’s primarily being driven by people’s desire to always look their best and to take advantage of these new, natural products to accomplish their goals.   

People have come to appreciate the safer nature of these natural ingredients over the harsh and unfamiliar chemically-laden tonics, suspect creams and snake-oils of the old school of hair care products. It’s a new era in natural hair tonics that you should try. It may open some doors for you as well.