Lake Villa IL Chiropractic – Spinal Posture Treatment/Wellness Therapy Launched

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Grayslake, Illinois-based chiropractic center Risner Rehabilitation has launched new updates to its manipulation treatments and wellness therapies. The clinic serves patients from Lake Villa, Libertyville, Round Lake, and Wildwood alongside other areas near Chicago.

Risner Rehabilitation, a Grayslake, Illinois-based chiropractic clinic, has announced new updates to its range of postural and structural manipulation therapy treatments for patients in Lake Villa, Libertyville, and other areas near Chicago. Headed by Dr. Paul Risner, the clinic focuses on correctional therapy plans and non-surgical treatments for conditions such as spinal stenosis and spinal degeneration.

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Alongside his clinic’s newly updated postural treatments, Dr. Paul Risner continues to refine his comprehensive array of acupuncture, wellness, and Electrical Muscle Stimulation programs. By ensuring that his services are in line with the latest developments in chiropractic practices and technology, the Grayslake chiropractor provides patients in and around Lake Villa with effective healing plans.

With around a million chiropractic adjustments performed daily in the United States, chiropractors are uniquely suited to assist patients who are experiencing back pain or similar conditions. Their techniques have been shown to be up to 40% more effective at treating such conditions than general medical care. As such, Risner Rehabilitation meets a widespread national need.

Lake Villa patients can benefit from the wide variety of chiropractic treatments and rehabilitative therapies found at the Grayslake center. Risner Rehabilitation is able to provide drug-free solutions for physical pain in areas ranging from the hips and knees to the head and shoulders, including spasms and headaches.

Dr. Paul Risner is a specialist in the Specific Prone technique, as well as the Cox-Flexion-Distraction therapeutic methods. With a wide array of available treatments and digital imaging processes, he is equipped to identify pain conditions before facilitating long-term relief.

Further, by providing long-term wellness alignment therapies as part of its chiropractic care, Risner Rehabilitation aims to help patients achieve optimal health while improving their wellbeing.

“Dr. Risner is very knowledgable and had a wealth of resources to offer whenever I had a question,” said one satisfied patient. “I have seen vast improvements to my health in multiple areas including better sleep, more energy, and even improved moods.”

Interested parties in Lake Villa and Libertyville are invited to visit to learn more about the clinic’s diverse range of chiropractic options, including spinal stenosis treatments and manipulation therapy treatments focusing on structure and posture.