Melbourne Poultry/Game Meats And Rubs/Sauces Supplier Same-Day Delivery Expanded

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NIFRA Poultry, located in Melbourne at The City’s Queen Victoria Market, is expanding their poultry, game meat, sausage and free range egg offerings to include homemade marinades and spice rubs.

NIFRA Poultry, a Melbourne-based supplier of poultry, eggs, and game meat, has expanded its product line to include an array of homemade marinades and spices. For those looking to elevate their chicken and game meat kitchen creations, NIFRA Poultry offers a wide selection of flavourful rubs, sauces and other enhancements.

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Beyond being recognized as the community’s poultry and game meat specialists, NIFRA Poultry is also a one-stop-shop for homemade spices, marinades and sauces. Products such as Satay Marinade, Tandoori Marinade and Tuscan Herb and Garlic rub are available online and at the company’s retail outlet at Queen Victoria Market to help bring extra dimension to at-home dinner preparations.

A popular family-owned business for 25 years, the company has its roots in the 1960s when the parents of today’s NIFRA Poultry owners established a local milk bar in Kensington, Melbourne.

Imbued with the same entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to superior customer service, Toula and Chris have since carried forth with the family business, transforming it into the popular poultry, game meats, sausage, free range eggs – including quail eggs – marinade and spice establishment it has become.

NIFRA Poultry prides itself on sourcing the highest quality chickens from Australia’s top RSPCA Approved chicken farmers, and superior game products from Australian suppliers that hold themselves to the highest quality standard.

Taking their dedication to customer care one step further, NIFRA Poultry offers evening delivery services to customers within 10km of Melbourne. Customers can expect their orders to arrive at their doorstep between 4pm and 7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Clients can also receive same-day delivery service when ordering online, provided orders are placed prior to 11am.

Home deliveries are made by the company’s staff. Contactless EFTPOS payment is available.

NIFRA Poultry staff encourage their customers to break out of time worn habits by trying some of their more interesting game meats, such as rabbit, venison, emu, kangaroo or crocodile.

By expanding their product line to include a full range of spice rubs, marinades and sauces, the NIFRA team is happy to help their clients transform everyday meat and poultry preparations into exciting, restaurant quality experiences.

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