Gold Plated Carved Round Pendant Necklace – Birthday/Anniversary Gift Launched

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Family Gifts 360 has released its newly launched “To My Wife – God Sent Me You” gold necklace as an addition to its comprehensive range of gift ideas for families and spouses.

Family Gifts 360, an online gift store based in Austin, Texas, announced the release of its new “To My Wife – God Sent Me You” necklace. It is designed as a birthday or anniversary gift for wives from their husbands and is a memorable gift that expresses love and affection.

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The newly launched necklace is released as a limited edition item, with Family Gifts 360 making the jewelry piece available alongside a wide range of gift options. The company specializes in carefully crafted gifts for family members.

The gold-plated round pendant necklace is fitted with a custom-hardened insert that gives it a vibrant color. It reads: “To My Wife – I asked God for an angel – he sent me you. Love, Your Husband.”

Company representatives emphasized that the 22-inch necklace is a suitable fit for women of all sizes. The durable necklace and pendant are both water and UV-resistant. Zinc alloy under the gold plating makes the necklace exceptionally durable.

The round pendant depicts a husband and wife within a winged golden heart. Husbands will find that the pendant is an appropriate symbol of affection and a suitable gift for their wives on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, and other special events.

Family Gifts 360 explained that the necklace is added to its exclusive family-centered jewelry collection. Its products are unavailable in retail stores, and as such, the company wants families and spouses to receive elegant custom gifts from their loved ones.

A satisfied customer said, “My wife loves it and appreciates the message on the pendant. Will definitely buy another one but of course with a different loving message on it.”

With the latest announcement, Family Gifts 360 continues to expand its collection of gifts for every occasion. In addition to its new gold-plated round pendant for wives, the company provides worldwide customers with custom necklaces, colorful printed mugs, and personalized apparel for daughters, sons, fathers, girlfriends, and other loved ones.

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