US Silver Love Necklace From Fiance For Mothers Day – Custom Gift Idea Launched

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Family Gifts 360 has launched a new addition to its jewelry range. Designed for husbands, fiancés or boyfriends, the ‘I Gave My Heart To You’ necklace can be a versatile gift for any occasion.

Family Gifts 360, an online gift designer and retailer from Austin, Texas, have now launched a new custom circle-shaped, genuine silver-plated and hardened resin necklace featuring a loving message from a man to the woman he loves.

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The release coincides with Mother’s Day, which is quickly approaching on the 9th of May. This holiday offers a unique opportunity for husbands and fathers in particular to show how much they treasure their wives.

The romantic and tender message on Family Gifts 360’s brand new necklace states “If I did anything RIGHT in my life, it was when I gave MY HEART to You.”

This loving and affectionate sentiment mean that the necklace is also a suitable gift for other special occasions including birthdays and wedding or dating anniversaries. Husbands, fiancés and boyfriends can also utilize the gift as a way to surprise their significant other and spontaneously remind them of just how much they care.

Beyond this new custom necklace, Family Gifts 360 retails a full range of thoughtful custom giftware including other jewelry items, mugs and t-shirts, all of which are available at

The pendant is silver plated with a hardened resin insert that features vibrant silver lettering and a red accent. Family Gifts 360 custom resin has been developed to ensure the highest quality color and vibrancy in their necklaces. The pendant measures 1-inch in diameter and comes with a matching 22-inch chain.

All of Family Gifts 360’s designs are their own and they custom print and manufacture their products in the US.

As such, in addition to the impactful quote captured in the necklace, interested partners also have the option to further personalize their gift by engraving a name and/or significant date on the pendant.

Family Gifts 360 has become one of America’s leading online giftware retailers. They put love and care into every product they make and encourage their customers to check back in weekly for their new designs.

One happy wife, who was one of the first people to receive this new design from her husband, said, “The sentiments are beautifully set and worded. I’m looking forward to showing everyone this one-of-a-kind piece so I can show them just how loved and appreciated by my husband I am.”

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