Del Mar CA Migraine Relief Chiropractor – Chronic Headaches Treatment Launched

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Dr Fatimah Esfahanizadeh DC of Health By The Sea is now providing an updated range of non-invasive migraine relief treatments to patients in Del Mar, California, and the surrounding area.

Health By The Sea, an upper cervical specialty chiropractic studio in Del Mar, California, announced the launch of an updated range of migraine relief treatments. Dr Fatimah Esfahanizadeh DC, known to her patients as Dr Fattie, is an expert Back Pain Specialist, Migraine Specialist, and Carpal Tunnel Specialist.

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With the new announcement, the team at Health By The Sea are dedicated to providing patients with a gentle and non-invasive way of alleviating migraines.

Migraines are throbbing headaches that can cause debilitating pain, nausea, and sensitivity to the surrounding environment. They are often chronic, with the pain lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. People (especially women) suffering from them are aware of the extreme negative life-altering effects that can result from them.

Recurring migraines often indicate chronic musculoskeletal strain that may be caused by cervical misalignment. A misalignment causes irritation to the nerve structure along with interference and dysfunction with that portion of the nervous system. Thus, those struggling with chronic migraines can greatly benefit from the gentle and effective treatment of chiropractic care.

Dr Fattie and her team at Health By The Sea can assess, diagnose, and manage headaches and migraines. They understand that patients want immediate relief from their pain and will work closely with them to understand the root of their pain and develop an effective, customized treatment plan.

Using specific upper cervical style adjustments, the doctor will correct the alignment of the patient’s spine to improve function and alleviate physical and emotional stress on the nervous system. This decrease in stress will help to reduce or eliminate migraines.

The chiropractic care experts believe in a multifaceted approach to migraine treatment which includes understanding each patient’s triggers. They evaluate carefully the patient’s unique situation during the treatment to find the cause of their migraines and headaches.

In addition, Dr Fattie educates her patients on the importance of posture, exercises, and relaxation techniques to prevent migraines for a well-rounded result.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr Fatimah was above excellent. She truly cares about me as a patient, goes above and beyond and explains everything that’s going on with my health and body. I struggled with headaches and I can’t say enough good things about chiropractic care with her.”

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