Researchers Now Highlight the Evidence-Based, Blood Sugar Lowering Foods

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( — May 4, 2021) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have been increasingly alarmed by the skyrocketing rate of diabetes worldwide. The good news is that this medical condition is highly preventable.

According to Maggie Powers, PhD, diabetes is when your blood sugar or glucose levels are higher than normal. 

Powers is president-elect of Health Care & Education at the American Diabetes Association.

“It’s carbohydrate foods like breads, cereals, rice, pasta, fruits, milk, and desserts that can cause this rise,” she adds.

In keeping blood sugar levels in check, it is strongly recommended to consume more low-carb raw, cooked, or roasted Vegetables. These include tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, onions, eggplant, and low-carb squashes, like zucchini.

Some experts also recommend intake of flavorful but low-calorie drinks. These include water infused with fruits and vegetables such as cold tea with lemon or a cinnamon stick.

It may also be helpful to consume higher-finer, whole-grain foods. These include legumes like peas, dried beans, and lentils.

Health care providers have long been stressing the importance of taking some measures to reduce the risk of this condition. When it develops, it can only be managed and not cured.

It is interesting to note that some macrominerals like magnesium have been scientifically found beneficial in keeping blood sugar levels in check.

According to several studies, higher levels of magnesium could reduce the risk of diabetes. This means that this natural remedy could be beneficial for individuals who are at the increased risk of diabetes, or those who are already suffering from the condition.

It is worth realizing that this may be one of the most vital nutrients for individuals with diabetes. Experts reveal that this mineral possesses anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, antioxidant, antiviral, cardioprotective, and anticarcinogenic properties.

Intake of this natural healing ingredient may work wonders in enhancing levels of blood sugar. 

In addition to its diabetes-fighting benefits, this natural remedy has long been associated with a range of healing benefits. This is why its use is highly recommended by some researchers and even dietitians. 

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