Firefly Tutors: K-12 College Private Online In-person Services Launched

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Firefly Tutors has updated its online and in-person tutoring services for students of all ages to allow students to develop passion and self-confidence while learning at home.

A+ In-Home Tutors, a leading private tutoring firm for K-12 students, announces the launch of Firefly Tutors, a new brand that expresses its unique personalized approach to tutoring. Firefly Tutors offers online, in-home, and pod tutoring. Firefly Tutors identify the unique strengths and learning styles of students, and adapt their learning plan and approach to meet each student’s needs. Firefly Tutors work with public, private, and charter school curriculum.

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The launch of the recently updated services aims to provide high-quality tutoring to students in the comfort of their own homes.

Recent increases in online education have presented obstacles for students. However, tutoring has been shown to help students overcome such barriers, as tutoring is consistently associated with higher test scores. In addition, approximately 90% of students who have access to tutoring outperform their non-tutored peers.

Firefly Tutors connects students with college graduates who have a minimum of two years of teaching or tutoring experience. The tutors encourage intrinsic motivation in their students and aim to help them develop a passion for learning any subject. Further, tutors identify and foster students’ strengths to allow them to become more confident in and out of the classroom.

The in-home tutoring services offered provide the opportunity for students to learn in a familiar environment without interference from other students. In addition, students can use the in-home or online tutoring services to make the most of their free time rather than commuting to a tutoring office.

All employees at Firefly Tutors have gone through extensive background checks, and their credentials have been carefully verified. The company employs graduates from renowned universities, such as Harvard and Stanford, many of whom currently teach in public or private schools. Thus, the tutors at Firefly Tutors are aware of the challenges faced by students of all ages, and they are familiar with the demands of the education system.

Parents have reported having positive experiences with the company, as a satisfied customer said: “This year, we added writing and math as the focus of their tutoring. We already see positive results and really enjoy working with her.

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