4 Ways To Increase Tenant Safety in an Apartment Building

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(Newswire.net — April 28, 2021) — Besides home improvements and rent collection, tenant security is arguably your most essential concern as a property owner. Renters look up to their landlords and property managers for safety, so guaranteeing your building’s safety is undoubtedly a great way to protect it and its inhabitants alike.

Luckily, there are several practical measures you can take to boost this in your rental properties. Below are four excellent security practices worth trying out for your apartment building.

1. Install secure windows

Windows are a favorite entry point for criminals besides doors, so installing secure windows around your apartment is a great security measure. As such, consider them with working locks to ensure that they can be shut from indoors, no matter what floor the apartments are located on. Also, security bars on your first-floor windows are excellent for tenant protection. Finding the right technicians who can guarantee a good job with your window installations is essential to your building’s security. Reliable remodeling brands such as Statewide Remodeling can help with this need.

Statewide Remodeling, for example, is a Dallas window company providing top-notch window installation and replacement services to clients in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Their experienced installers offer replacement window installation services, helping homeowners replace their old windows with better and more energy-efficient ones like fiberglass and vinyl windows. Also, they provide a lifetime warranty on all your window replacement parts and labor. What’s more, they have extensive experience installing various types, improving many buildings’ security and energy efficiency for over two decades.

2. Install access controls

You can also install access control systems as an excellent way to give your building an extra security layer. A key card system is worth considering, ensuring that only residents and other authorized people will access the building’s common areas, elevators, and apartments. An apartment intercom system is also worth considering to keep your apartment building safer. Trusted property access security brands such as ButterflyMX can handle these concerns.

Butterfly MX designs innovative security solutions for owners, tenants, property managers, and developers. Property managers seeking an apartment intercom system with door release functionality can consider several features to help them make the right choice. These entry door systems can be wired or wireless, requiring different levels of wiring. Wired door release systems alert tenants of visitors with a buzzing noise, and they can admit visitors by pushing a door release button. Conversely, wireless systems send a text or video alert, and tenants can open the door using a mobile app or a button on their phone. Butterfly MX allows you to install a broad range of intercom systems with many functionalities, including audio and video capabilities based on your budget and preference.

3. Choose great lighting options

Your building’s exterior, parking areas, and dark corners should have great lighting to promote security. The entranceway to your apartments should also be well-lit, deterring any criminal activity on or around the property. Proper lighting makes it easier to stop and apprehend criminals in the act, reducing the likelihood of break-ins in your apartment buildings. You can even consider great options like solar-powered and motion-sensor lighting to reduce energy costs while improving security.

4. Hire security officers

Despite several technological advancements in building security, having the human element on the grounds provides a security level that machines cannot offer. Security officers patrolling your premises can better assess and respond to real-time threats, ensuring that criminal activity doesn’t occur in your building. Also, these security guards will be reference points for clients to directly report any safety concerns, making your tenants feel more secure.

All things considered, ensuring your residents’ safety is one of the general responsibilities of apartment building management. The above-listed points are four great ways to improve tenants’ safety in your rental properties.