Luigui Bleand Releases New Single ‘Gomelo’ / Summer 2021 Reggaeton Latin Video

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Dominican Republic recording artist Luigui Bleand has released “Gomelo,” a new Reggaeton track. The upbeat single is available to stream or purchase on all major digital music platforms.

Dominican-Haitian musician and record producer Luigui Bleand has released his latest single “Gomelo” for purchase or streaming on digital platforms including Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Pandora. The new song features Spanish Reggaeton and urban Latin genre influences and is accompanied by a music video.

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The artist intends the newly released song to be an upbeat dance track for the upcoming summer season. “Gomelo” offers new listeners and fans of Luigui Bleand’s previous music a catchy beat and the singer’s fresh take on the Reggaeton genre for 2021 audiences.

The single features trombone, bass, and electric guitar accompanying Luigui Bleand’s vocals. The artist was inspired to write and record the new song after experiencing Colombian style and culture during a memorable visit to Medellin, Colombia.

Luigui Bleand, who is also known by the name Luis Alfredo Silverio, was born in the Dominican Republic and has gained a reputation in his country as a leader in digital music marketing. The artist spent much of his childhood in a Monte Cristi orphanage and began working in the music industry as a producer, singer, and songwriter when he was thirteen years old.

During the early years of his career, Luigui worked in a recording studio and eventually opened his own studio, creating new music tracks of his own and helping many other artists record their work.

After moving to the larger city of Santo Domingo, he further honed his music production expertise by training with Sonolab Estudio owner Reynaldo Sánchez, who taught Luigui his skills in instrument recording and live music mixing.

In addition to his musical training, Luigui developed his digital music marketing skills as an employee of El Caribe newspaper. He has since entered a distribution contract with a Sony Music Entertainment affiliate.

Listeners can find Luigui Bleand’s music, including “Gomelo,” on his Spotify page.

A spokesperson said: “Intending to channel the street and nightlife of Medellin, Colombia, Luigui brings us unbridled energy with his latest release, reviving the Reggaeton genre for us all to appreciate.”

You can watch the music video for “Gomelo” HERE