USA Gun Regulation Proposal For High-Capacity Semi Automatic Magazines Launched

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Parallel President has just released a report outlining its alternative gun control plan that aims to protect innocent lives while respecting the 2nd amendment.

Parallel President, an American civic action website, has just announced the release of a new report outlining its alternative gun control plan.

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This latest release will help advance public discourse by providing Americans with innovative gun control solutions, without further dividing the population on the issue.

The United States has the highest rates of gun violence deaths among wealthy nations. Experts agree that a key driver of the country’s gun violence and mass-shootings is the sale of high-capacity magazines, which contain more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

High-capacity magazines were originally designed for combat situations and are not used for hunting or sporting. Gun control advocates say that restrictions on high-capacity magazines could curb mass-shootings and significantly lowering gun-related death rates.

Parallel President responds to these trends by releasing its alternative gun control plan, which proposes banning high-capacity magazines. Under this plan, the sale and distribution of high-capacity magazines would be punishable under federal law.

Those who wish to keep their high-capacity magazines would have to undergo mandatory training and enhanced mental health evaluations. Upon completing these requirements, the government would issue individuals a license to possess high-capacity magazines.

The website also suggests that the federal government implement a buyback program wherein gun owners could turn in their high-capacity magazines for cash.

Finally, the website also suggests that the gun industry could develop and produce new, compliant magazines for gun owners, creating more jobs.

Parallel President’s gun control plan is specifically designed to respect the 2nd amendment while acknowledging the need for adequate restrictions on the sale of guns to protect American citizens.

In addition to its report on gun control, the website also contains alternatives to other issues such as civil rights, freedom of the press, and the environment. This latest announcement is in line with Parallel President’s commitment to providing common sense alternatives to the issues that currently dominate American public discourse.

A spokesperson said: “The Parallel President’s unique gun control plan balances protecting innocent lives and protecting freedom. We believe no one loses under our plan. The country will be safer, there will be fewer fatalities and rights will be protected.”

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