Kids Climbing Frame Sensory Motor Skills Development Hardwood Toy Launched

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Tottlr has launched a range of climbing frames for kids. The frames are made of shard-free hardwood and can support toddler’s sensory-motor development.

Tottlr, a Texas-based company that provides sensory toys to support children’s development, has launched a range of climbing frames.

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The launch is ideally suited to toddlers between the ages of one and three and includes three varieties of climbing frames that can support a child’s sensory-motor skills. The company says their frames can help aid a child’s development and improve their physical responses and cognitive functioning. Parents may notice an improvement in their child’s stability, strength, coordination, and more.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “Sensory skills are the foundation upon which all learning takes place in toddlers. Parents will want to ensure that their child develops properly with the right sensory and motor skills which is technically the rationale for strength, courage, and coordination, all of which a child will need for a fulfilled life.”

The frames are made with Baltic birch, a safe and sturdy hardwood that is smooth and free from shards. As part of the launch, customers can purchase the Tottlr Triangle, the Tottlr Cube, and the Tottlr Steps.

The triangle comes with a variety of accessories and helps toddlers practice climbing. The cube helps kids to develop strength and coordination by climbing and can improve balance. It features a ramp and a flat top which the child can stand on. The steps feature six pastel-colored wooden stepping stones with a non-slide grip. This item can help with stability and balance.

The company says the frames make parenting more easy and fun by giving parents more time to relax while their child plays safely. Time spent on the frames can also mean children spend less time using screen-based devices. Bloghgers like Momfilter tried it out and call the little step stones from Tottlr fantastic , you can read about their review here and .

Tottlr is a sensory toy company that cares about children’s futures and has developed products that can enhance their sensory skills and development. Their mission is to help children improve their strength, confidence, and courage while having fun.

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