Experts Warn Against Sources of Disease-Triggering Toxic Heavy Metals

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( — May 6, 2021) Orlando, FL — Heavy metals and toxins are identified to be one of the major triggers of various diseases and disorders today. It is worth realizing that heavy metals in particular can be found in food like fish.

According to researchers, fish is an important part of a healthy diet. However, it is also worth realizing that certain types of fish are found to have high levels of mercury. 

A U.S. study has found that more women had levels of mercury that are over the safe limit set by the EPA. It is strongly recommended to avoid or reduce consumption of fish like shark swordfish, sea bass, tuna, and halibut.

Aside from fish, it is also important to learn that bone broth also contains a heavy metal called lead. A study has shown that broth made from the bones of organic chickens had markedly high lead concentrations. 

Even rice also has heavy metal like arsenic, an exposure of which is associated with kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, and brain disease. 

It is undeniable that today, pollutants and toxins can be found pretty much everywhere not just in foods but also household and skin care products. Once they accumulate inside the body, they could trigger the onset of various diseases and symptoms.

It can be extremely helpful to reduce or avoid intake of foods loaded with heavy metals. There are also other helpful options such as cleansing the body.

The use of activated charcoal may be useful in detoxifying the body. This natural remedy is popularized by its highly porous surface, which binds chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals to eliminate them from the body.

Activated charcoal is widely researched on today due to its highly adsorbent surface.

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