Polarized Sunglasses – Tinted Lens Non-Binary Gender Glasses Range Launched

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Filtr have released three timeless frames with tinted lenses for maximum UV protection. All sunglasses in the range are completely unisex and designed with inclusivity in mind.

Filtr, a company based in the US, has launched a new range of unisex sunglasses with special tinted lenses to enhance the wearer’s experience. The range includes three frames and three unique lens colors.

More information is available at https://filtrsunglasses.com

With this launch, Filtr aims to offer customers inclusive premium-quality sunglasses that not only protect from the sun, but encourage wearers to creatively explore their style.

Unlike traditional sunglasses, Filtrs frames don’t conform to a strict gender binary that markets different styles to men and women. Instead, all their frames have timeless designs that flatter every skin tone, gender and style.

Filtr uses a proprietary lens tint in three different hues designed to block UV light and enhance vision in different environments.

‘Ambre’ lenses are the darkest of the range. As well as reducing eye strain, they offer great contrast and depth which is especially suitable in bright conditions.

The cool blue tones of the ‘Ether’ tint help reduce glare and enhance colour perception, making it the right choice for low light environment or overcast days.

Lenses with a ‘Soleil’ tint have a vintage sepia tinge that enhances contrast and makes colors appear vibrant.

All Filtr lenses are polarised and offer complete UV400 protection.

Customers can choose from three available frame designs: Dean, a timeless browline shape, Audrey, with a vintage aesthetic and rounded lens, and Venice, a classic square silhouette.

A satisfied customer said: “Filtr Sunglasses outclass any pair of Ray-Bans or Oakleys I’ve ever owned. The hinges are super sturdy, with no unsettling flimsiness or wiggle of the arms. The fit is firm, but not tight, so they don’t pinch, slide off my face, or need constant readjustment. What really sets them apart for me is the crisp clarity of the polarization – once you put them on, you can tell there’s something special about them right away.”

Filtr was founded on the belief that individuals have the power to create change, and the ethics of the company reflect the commitment to social responsibility, inclusivity, and diversity.

Prospective customers can find out more by clicking on the URL above.