Furniture Woodworking Blueprints – Beginners Business Design Database Expanded

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Woodworking database has launched an expansion of its step-by-step guides and design software collection for woodworkers interested in starting their own business., a comprehensive, high-end database for woodwork projects, has launched an expansion of its design and construction blueprints range. The expansion give customers access to over 16,000 plans, from simple designs for beginner woodworkers to complex project instruction for more experienced craftsmen.

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TedsWoodworking provide step-by-step instructions for woodworking projects, comprehensive lists of materials required, cutting guides, detailed schematics, and plans that show every angle to eliminate guesswork from the building process.

The web is full of resources for woodworkers with many companies offering plans, designs and building guides. While many of these promise ease and simple instruction, in reality, customers receive plans that lack detail or assume a level of knowledge of both materials and techniques that many woodworkers do not possess.

TedsWoodworking plans do not require any prior specialist knowledge or expensive tools and machinery. Their blueprints provide woodworkers with a means to satisfy a wide range of client requests from gazebos and guitars to beehives, billiard tables and bookcases.

Subscribers to receive instant access to 16,000 plans, lifetime access to new plans updated each month, a DWG and CAD plan viewer, a premium woodworking video with 150 tutorials, a book on running a woodworking business and a 200 page guide full of tips and techniques.

TedsWoodworking customers can also request plans for specific projects. Subscribers can post a ticket in the members’ area and the team will draft a design plan for them. The database includes plans for simple workbenches to enable customers to make their own tools of the trade and start to build their own business from the ground up.

The newly expanded blueprint package is available as an instant download or in DVD format, depending on customer preference.

Headed by Ted McGrath, an experienced woodworker with over 25 years in the trade, is an exhaustive collection of woodworking resources. Ted and his dedicated team bring expertise in craftsmanship as well as accessible education, enabling woodworkers of all abilities to expand and improve their skillset.

A satisfied subscriber says, “The plans are easy to read and understand for someone like me. Plenty of detailed instructions, making it easy to learn the techniques I’m struggling with.”

With the expansion of the blueprint database, Ted McGrath and his team continue to make quality woodworking accessible to craftsmen everywhere. For more information please visit